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Impact Resistant Windows For Commercial Storefronts

Impact Window Installations For Commercial Storefronts

Impact Resistant Windows For Commercial Storefronts

Being a business owner in Florida, you already understand the many weather extremes that occur here throughout the year. Hurricanes and the most powerful tropical storms, can create airborne debris that can easily take out your windows, doors, glass, and even wipe out your business’s siding, if it is not secured.  A major tropical storm can shatter your glass windows and doors, causing you to shut your business down for several days, to perform repairs. What’s the solution? Impact resistant windows for commercial storefronts are a great alternative to the current system your company has in place!

Benefits of Impact Resistant Windows for Commercial Businesses

There are multiple benefits your business will instantly appreciate from the moment you choose to install these windows outside your restaurant, storefront, or commercial space. Some of the many benefits impact windows provide are:

  • Protecting your building from shattered glass.
  • Preventing lost inventory due to water damage. (broken glass which allowed storm waters to enter)
  • Prevent intruders or thefts from breaking into your building.
  • Impact windows have a stronger frame, and can withstand more pressure/force, preventing breakage, shattering, or other damage to your storefront
  • The layered glass is stronger than any protective film or application you can apply, and more durable than shatter-proof glass, meaning it won’t break

It’s important that you choose the right company to install your impact resistant windows for commercial storefronts, to guarantee you’re truly receiving the best quality, and most durable windows for your business.

Call Omega Doors And Windows Inc. Today!

Don’t let a hurricane, major storm, or other weather extremes in Miami-Dade and Broward County, FL sideline your business. Give us a call today at Omega Doors And Windows Inc.for a service quote, and to learn more about our impact resistant windows for commercial storefronts today. We have licensed and insured service technicians ready to visit your commercial business, and provide you with a consultation and estimate for installation of your new impact windows.

Our team has been servicing the Miami-Dade and Broward county area in FL for several years and has become a trusted industry provider for impact windows and doors. Furthermore we warrant and provide our commercial customers with a 1o-year workmanship guarantee for all installations we perform. Therefore, if any issues arise after we install your impact windows, we’ll perform necessary repairs for no additional cost.

We’re trusted, respected, and a leader in installation. We also offer affordable prices for our impact resistant windows, so don’t hesitate to call us to schedule one of our technicians to visit your property today!

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